5 Positive Roles of EQ in Project Management

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EQ in project management has an important aspect that we often overlook. Are you aware that emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a vital role in project management? If not, then this is the right time to make yourself aware about the benefits of EQ in managing a project. You will find it beneficial if you’re dealing with a team of humans and certainly not for robots! It is the essential trait for a skillful project manager and is one of the biggest predictor of the success of the project team as well as for the project outcome.

It is even more important than personality. Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist, highlighted 5 elements of Emotional Intelligence in his book “Emotional Intelligence – Why It Can Matter More Than IQ”. Indeed those five components are capable of creating a massive impact to any team – specially for those who works to achieve a specific target within an agreed time!

What is EQ?

Emotional Quotient or EQ or emotional intelligence is referred to the ability of a person to manage or to deal one’s emotion in a positive way to relieve stress. It is defined as a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behaviors, mood, and impulses and to manage them best according to the situation.

Today, in this article, we will verify the key benefits of EQ in project management.

We all are quite familiar with the term “project”. However, very few has actual understanding of it. A project can be any endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result and that is temporary meaning it has a start date and an end date.

As a project manager, you must know your team and their individual capacity. You’re the one who is responsible for delivering the project on time. A successful executions of a project depends on the throughput of your team members. Your EQ plays an important role to motivate your team. You can use your emotional intelligence to make the best judgment calls for the team and to communicate effectively.

The principle of EQ will help you to create the environment where your clients, your team members, sponsors and management can communicate with clarity, deal more effectively with challenges and make committed choices to act strategically and swiftly. This eventually leads the success of your projects.

A low EQ basically equates to poor performance and middle management forever whereas high EQ allows you to discover and express your authenticity. Recognizing, responding, and respecting yourself will cause others to recognize, respond, and respect you. You will be better able to communicate with impact, build relationships, and keep the project team aligned and motivated throughout the project duration.

Benefits of EQ in project management

Now, let me summarize the benefits of EQ in bullets:

  • It improves the thought process of a project manager.
  • EQ allows to persuade and influence the project members.
  • It increases productivity of a team by removing barriers to work as a team.
  • For sure, it enhance opportunity
  • It also helps you to align your team with project goal.

 However, high emotional intelligence as a project manager doesn’t negate the need for you to have excellent technical skills!

Many of you are already managing large team and a complex project. Let me know in comment your experience while handling a difficult resource or client of a project.

How do you boost your EQ?

EQ in project management smooths one’s journey within a project. You can improve your EQ by practicing and, the good thing is: you do not need to change your personality. Here is how you can improve your EQ.


You first need to know and respect yourself in order to boost your EQ.

Pay attention to your health

EQ in project management is directly proportional to one’s physical strength and state. Avoid tensions, set short goals and try to achieve them. Healthy diet is important for a healthy body and healthy body helps you to build healthy mind and thereby EQ.

Check-out your feelings

Track your emotions in pen and paper. Note down the situation and write down your reaction for each discomfort you may face. Analyze those situation after and see what would have been the right approach. Adapt it for future.


Try to be a good listeners. A study has revealed that very few among us has a skill of listening. When you listen, follow the words and the body language of the person. Judge to find the intention. Be open and learn to make fun of yours. It will help you to digest constructive criticism.

Manage your emotions

Take a moment before you react. Specially, when you’re angry, do not react or send mail. Give time to yourself to settle down and then give your reaction.

Try to be responsible and accountable for all the actions you do. Don’t put he blame on others. Learn from mistake and avoid similar mistake in future.

Be a person of trust. Maintain privacy with everyone. Avoid capitalizing one’s emotion for your success!


Flexibility is a key for any project’s success. Be flexible and adaptive on your decisions – respect and welcome good decisions that could benefit your project.

Resource that will help you in engaging EQ in project management

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