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Cloud Computing trends in 2021 is still very demanding and is partially enhanced by Covid-19 pandemic. The adoption of cloud or cloud native infrastructure is expected to touch $120Bn in 2021 increasing by 35% according to Forrester research. In 2021, cloud will probably guide how companies adapt to the “new, unstable normal.”

We’re still unsure when we could go back to our normal life. Entire world is now devastated by the impact of different waves of various new mutants of COVID-19. No one knows how far into 2021 we’ll have to continue to work from home, shop through online primarily, or avoid air travel — but it’s now very clear that every small/medium/large enterprise must become more agile, more responsive, and adaptive than ever before. It will eventually lead to the growth of cloud computing in 2021.

Based on the report published by Gartner in November 2020, the adoption of virtual desktop has been increased 4 times since 2019.

Source: Gartner | Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

Cloud Computing Trends in 2021

With no surprise, cyber security, data leak, cost reduction and a centralized remote control are the primary focus for many enterprises. This is indeed a key for many organization to survive.

Let’s focus on 5 TOP cloud computing trends in 2021:

Cloud native technology demand spike up as server-less or container heat up

The use of container and vertical/horizontal scaling are also rising in parallel with cloud. In 2021, this usage is expected to increase more rapidly and steadily. Before Covid-19 pandemic, about 20% of developers regularly used container and serverless functions to build new apps and to modernize the old ones.

Adoption to Virtual Cloud Desktop

In work from home mode, configuring and maintaining data security is the need of every corporate. It is quite cumbersome to maintain and monitor the work station of large resource pool and specially when the big team is working for a crucial project. Under this condition, virtual desktop is the need to heed for many corporates. Virtual desktop is not only bring the control on cyber threats but also it will prevent data leak. The trend of adopting of Google Chromebook, Windows VDI or AWS workstation are increasing day by day and is expected to rise more by the end of 2021.

Affinity on Cloud for Disaster Recovery setup

This pandemic reveals the unclear and unpreparedness of recovering a service or software for many industry leaders. The situation became more prominent during the initial phases of complete lock down. The MNCs took lesson from that situation and are trying to create a backup leg on their preferred cloud – sometimes they’re opting hybrid cloud. The trend will continue increasing in the coming year in order to maintain business continuity.

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Hybrid or multi-cloud adoption

Every industry is going through a turbulent phase. Maintaining sustainability is a big challenges to most of us. Hence, it is probably wise to minimize the dependency at every layer. Industrial giants are not an exception too. The trend of using multi cloud for a single application increases in many folds after this Covid-19 pandemic. This is also one of the major cloud computing trends in 2021.

Flexera reports that 92% of enterprises they polled have a multi-cloud strategy and 80% have a hybrid cloud strategy.  About 45% integrate data between clouds and used an average of 2.6 public clouds and 2.7 private.

Emerging market for PaaS in this panemic

The global PaaS market size is expected to grow to 164.3 billion USD by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 19.6%. The cost of application development and it’s management are the two major key factor for this affinity.

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Is Cloud Computing in demand in 2021?

Yes, indeed. The restriction of Covid-19 pandemic accelerates the need of adapting Cloud Computing. The cloud computing trends in 2021 is on upper side and is expected to grow more in the near future. To learn more about Cloud Computing, click here.

Which cloud technology is the best in 2021?

Forrester Research expects the cloud computing market to grow 35 percent in 2021, compared to 2020. Machine Learning and AI are leading from the top for obvious reason.

What is happening in Cloud Storage in 2021?

Cloud data centers is processing about 94 percent of all workloads in 2021. That’s not all — SaaS processes will account for 75 percent of the total workload by the end of 2021. This goes to show that non-cloud data centers are on their way out and will be superseded by cloud data centers in the near future.

Does Cloud Computing require coding?

No. Getting started with and learning Cloud does not require any coding skills, many basic tasks can be performed without coding. However depending on the job / skills you have (or need) you may still be required to learn some programming skills.

Is Cloud Computing hard?

Not really! However, it is dependent of few basic understanding. If you’re passionate about technology, it should be an easy piece to crack.

What are the 3 types of Cloud Computing?

The main 3 types of services are: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. To read more, click here.

Is Cloud a good career option in 2021?

Cloud computing trends in 2021 is uprising. It is one of the hot technologies with a high demand for qualified professionals. The median salary for IT pros currently in a cloud computing career in the U.S. is $124,300. However, it is not easy job to acquire because it is a specialty area.

Is python required for Cloud Computing?

Not really. But, having said that, Python now powers some of the most complex applications on the cloud. Python is on the rise in large part because it allows developers to quickly analyze and organize data, making it especially effective for streaming analytics apps built on the cloud.

Is python needed for AWS?

Python empowers some of the most complex applications on the cloud. Hence, it would be useful for you to learn Python while working on AWS.

Which language is best for cloud computing?

Python definitely tops the list for the best programming language to learn for cloud Computing and for cloud development. Check out the article: Pilar of data science dynamics.

Check out the Cloud Computing Trends in 2021.

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