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    What is Amazon Simple Email Service or AWS SES?

    AWS SES or Amazon Simple Email Service is a pay-per-use service that allows you to build in email functionality into an application that you are running on AWS Cloud.

    It acts as an outbound email server and eliminates the need to support own software or applications to do the heavy lifting of email transport.

    What are the benefits of AWS SES?

    You can integrate it quickly. You can optimize your deliverability and sending message efficiency in a secure way.

    Sending Limits

    • Production SES has a set of sending limits which include
      • Sending Quota – max number of emails in 24-hour period
      • Maximum Send Rate – max number of emails per second
    • Amazon Simple Email Service automatically adjusts the limits upward as long as emails are of high quality and they are sent in a controlled manner, as any spike in the email sent might be considered to be spams.
    • Limits can also be raised by submitting a Quota increase request

    Recently, we have published an article published on it. You will find some videos as guideline there. If you like, you may have a look by clicking here.

    AWS Documentation on Amazon Simple Email Service can be found here.



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